Never Noticed Tour was Insane!

Wow. What can we say?! Thank you all for coming out to dance and celebrate with us. Our hearts and souls are full of love and gratitude as we complete our first ever headline tour.

…Now back to work! Up next: Jazz Fest in New Orleans, LA!


Daze Between New Orleans 2024 - April 30th, Faubourg Brewery, 3pm - Tickets

Bayou Rendezvous - May 3rd, The Howlin' Wolf - Tickets

Purple Party: A Tribute To The Music Of Prince - May 5th, Toulouse Theater - Tickets


"Tied Up" Live At soundcheck studios


Cool Cool Cool - Daze Between New Orleans 2024

Daze Between New Orleans - April 30th 2024

Cool Cool Cool - Bayou Rendezvous

Bayou Rendezvous - May 3rd 2024

Cool Cool Cool - Bonfire Music & Arts Festival

Bonfire Music & Arts Festival - June 6-8 2024

Cool Cool Cool - Northland Music and Arts Festival

Northlands Music & Arts Festival - June 14-15, 2024

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